SXSW 2012 Social Click Austin- The Good, The Bad and The Beats

SXSW is always a wicked crazy time of year for us. It becomes a two week marathon of mayhem for our Austin team with plenty of live music, long nights and photofication (our version of PDA’s photo booth style). Crazy or not, as Austinites we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Booth View

Having two different styles of photo booths this year really helped us to key in on personalization and custom tailoring to the client and their specific social media needs. Learn more about the Social Click Studio and the BULB Booth and how we at Booth 66 can help you at your next event.

Close-up of "POP" station with the Social Click

With over 15 events this year at SXSW here are some of our favs! The photos featured in the blog are from the SapientNitro events and beats by dre.


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